3 Ways to Beat Stress-Induced Eating

There are several things that can make losing weight a tough task and one of the toughest is getting past the desire to eat when you’re feeling stressed. After all, food has been your best friend, coping mechanism for handling stress for a long time but now that you’re working on slimming down, you find yourself having to say goodbye to an old friend and fight that urge to snack.

So here are 3 simple ways to beat that desire to eat when you’re feeling stressed:

1. Exercise. It’s been proven that exercise reduces stress levels so take a quick walk, mow the lawn, head out to the garden, go for a jog, or climb some stairs when stress strikes. If you’re confined to an office setting, turn to isometric exercises (you can look these up online and get plenty of examples of them) that you can do at your desk.

2. Keep healthy snacks available. If you find that you just have to munch on something, keep trail mix, mixed nuts, carrots, celery and other healthy foods on hand. It will help satisfy that habit of snacking while also keeping your calories down.

3. Take a break when possible. Keeping yourself in a stressful situation will only add to the problem. When you get the chance, step away for a few minutes and let your mind settle a bit before returning.

Since stress eating is a symptom of the stress itself, finding ways to relax will help you let go and your urge to eat will lessen.

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