Best 5 Weekend Hen Do Destinations in UK

Hen weekend time and you are still contemplating which destinations to choose? Without doubt the following destinations should be on your list for a hen do weekend fiesta. Along with that we also provide you the information on the best package in the city.

#5. Belfast

The Irish are friendly people. And they have a cute accent and Belfast is a rocking place! It is buzzing party town and is best for tourists. Best part, you can get tailor made hen weekend in the best of the clubs. The packages are great and start from £99 per person.

#4. Bournemouth

Top notch sandy beaches, great for water sports, colourful nightlife and just right for a hen weekend, Bournemouth has all the ingredients for a fiesta! There are plenty of bars to drink and restaurants for sumptuous food. It is also a World heritage site and hence is worth exploring. Activities available here are:
9 Burlesque dancing
10 Paintballing
11 Pole dancing/lap dancing lessons
12 Treasure hunts
13 Cheerleading experience
14 Murder mystery solving
15 Zorbing

Packages start from £100 per person and includes 2 nights of hotel accommodation, VIP night club or/and cabaret comedy strip show or/and late bar drinks or/and zorbing.

#3. Brighton

This ‘London by the sea’ city tells you about its city life and location with style. There is more to do than a simple hen weekend. Fairs, cool nightlife, new exciting activities are worth a try here.
16 Pampering at spas
17 Archery
18 Pop video shoot
19 Windsurfing
20 Sailing
21 Powerboats
22 Casino
23 Hen shows
24 Karaoke

Packages include 2 nights of hotel accommodation with health club entry or nightclub entry or Bollywood dance routine class or pop star song recording session. You can also get a customised package. Starts from £140.

#2. Blackpool

Blackpool is a seaside resort with old English architecture but ultra modern facilities and activities:
25 Burlesque dancing
26 Theme parks
27 Pampering at spas
28 Pole/lap dancing lessons
29 Paintballing
30 Beach
31 Nightclub cabaret shows
Packages include 2 night accommodation with buffet at VIP nightclubs or pole dancing lessons or 1 day unlimited pass for a theme park. Starts at £145.

#1. Birmingham

Second largest city or otherwise called the ‘Second city’, Birmingham is the industrial heart of the country. It is also an insanely crazy partying town! The most preferred destination for hen and stag weekends.
32 4X4 off road
33 Nude life drawing
34 cocktail classes
35 cheerleading experience
36 Pole dancing/lap dancing lessons
37 Spas
38 Shooting
39 Treasure hunts
40 Murder mystery
Packages start from £ 146. Include 2 nights of hotel accommodation with Latin American meal at VIP nightclubs or cocktail lesson with karaoke or priority entry into 70s and 80s night club.

Choose the destination and package that suits you best and have a blast!

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