Clubbing and Quad Biking in Birmingham

Birmingham is a famous industrial city in UK and is the second most populated city next to London. It is often called the Second City. The city is a favourite location to start new businesses and host events. It has three universities and is a hub for research and development.
This city also happens to be the most sorted after holiday spot and stag weekend spot. Stag parties are parties for a bachelor who is going to get married shortly. Often the stag weekends are held the week before the wedding. Purpose of this party is to indulge in activities which his wife might not approve of later as her husband.
Of all, the most prominent stag activity is the dangerous sport of quad biking in Birmingham . Also Birmingham’s clubbing is part of the culture of the Brummies.

Quad Biking at Birmingham
A quad bike is a mini four wheeled bike. The bike is designed to be driven on rough terrains and is fitted with huge skid resistant tyres with power brake systems.
Quad biking is of two types. One is the quad safari where you will be fitted with various safety gears, given instructions on how to handle the quad followed by which you and the guys will go on a tour on your quads along with your guide cum instructor experiencing drive though various terrains.
The second type is quad bike racing. This is much more exciting. It is a race! Guys love racing and so this is the perfect, notorious activity to indulge in before your wedding. You are asked to report well before the commencement of the race so that you can be fitted with proper safety gears. The racers are allowed to start with a gap of 10 seconds between them.
The duration of the trip is 1.5 to 2 hours and it is adrenalin pumping. You get to drive on muddy terrain, grassy terrain, sandy terrain and water puddles. All safety equipments are provided by the biking club. You can request for a private tour or can join the others in the race. Special packages are offered for stag activities.
Clubbing at Birmingham
Since this city is a hub for stag dos, there are clubs which are stag friendly. That is, these clubs offer packages for stag weekends which involve lap dancing, music, booze and other such stuffs which the bridegroom to be can never do after his wedding!
Some of the bridegrooms to be prefer sober activities such as visiting comedy clubs, watching dances and other shows. There are clubs which offer packages for such individuals too.
Is there a stag party coming round the corner? Birmingham is your place. To give your friend or brother the best time of their life, book a weekend at Birmingham’s best clubs and freak out before serious decisions are made!

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