Cosmetic Dentistry: Different Teeth Problems And Their Treatments

A dazzling smile with white teeth plays an important role in making your personality impressive. This is the reason why most of the people go for cosmetic dentistry. It is a branch of dentistry in which teeth are given proper shape and white shade. This is different from general dentistry.

The general purpose of this branch of dentistry is to improve a person’s appearance by working on his/ her teeth. Misshaped and stained teeth give bad impression. There are different types of problems related to teeth, which are worked on in cosmetic dental clinic. The general problems related to teeth are discolouration, malformed, broken and chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, leaching fillings and crooked teeth.

Now a days all these problems are faced by every second person. Because of these problems people start skipping social meetings and gatherings, as they give lack of confidence and bad impression of personality. Teeth can face any of above mentioned problems due to many reasons such as lack of calcium, bad eating habits, access use of tea, coffee, red wine, alcohol, smoking etc.

So, in order to cure these problems cosmetic dental clinics provide many treatments. There are different types of treatments, some are mentioned below:

Porcelain veneers: They are the perfect solution for bright smile makeover. They are thin covers made of ceramic, which cover your teeth hiding all types of broken and stained teeth. Veneer can be putted on one tooth or couple of teeth.

Bonding: It is white filling which bridges gaps between your teeth.

Gum reshaping: Gums can be reshaped giving you proper gum line. Some people have uneven gum lines which make their smile look gummy.

Dental implants: For missing teeth dental implants is an ideal solution. You can have restore your missing teeth by artificial teeth implant.

Caps and crowns: They can repair your damaged and broken teeth. Caps and crown can be coated on all teeth or couple of teeth.

Orthodontics: Uneven teeth can be made straight with the help of different braces and aligners.

Whitening treatments: There are different types of tooth whitening treatments such as zoom, laser, bleaching etc. There are tooth whitening products too which you can use at home to whiten your teeth. By the help of these treatments and products teeth can be made many shades lighter from existing one.

So, these are the different types of dental treatments by which you can get a bright and perfect smile.

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