History of Baking and Cupcakes

We all like cakes and baked goods. Cupcakes are especially liked because of their daintiness and bite sized goodness. Cupcakes are the latest trend in baking and other special occasions like tea parties, gatherings, parties and holidays. Baking has been around for quite some time now. No one knows for certain as in the date or year in which baking was invented or discovered. Stone Age humans used to make a paste of wild grass grains with water and then cooked this on a rock heated in the fire. There is recorded evidence of baking and baked goods like bread and flan with the Babylonians, Egyptians and the Greeks.

Baking flourished during the reign of the Romans. Bakers and pastry cooks were prized employees and were well taken care of compared to the rest of the servants. Romans loved banquets and celebrations, and pastries were cooked in large amounts for these occasions. Many of the baked delicacies we enjoy today are attributed to Roman bakers and pastry chiefs. The art and science of baking then spread across Europe, and then Asia through the Roman Empire. Unlike the history of baking in general, the history of the cupcake is even more clouded in mystery. There is no real evidence and hence no concrete answer as to where they originated or who created them.

There are a few pieces of evidence that point to the history of the cupcake. Cupcakes started appearing in cookbooks in the years 1790 to 1800, but it was not until 1826 that the term cupcake appeared in a recipe. The term cup referred to the measuring system which used cups instead of weights to measure out the ingredients. There is also a version where the cake was prepared in cups, hence the name cupcakes. These are the two origins of the term cupcake. Through the 19th century the cupcake has evolved in America. It is thought that the reason they became such a revolutionary dessert is because of the tremendous time saving in the kitchen.

As the popularity of the cupcake grew more variants were developed and were tried in the market place. More flavors, different varieties and colors and unique names associated with the area they originated from like the county or the country. They were also known as number cakes to help in remembering the measurements of each ingredient. Today the cup cake has become a pop culture trend. The cupcakes today are served with icing and sprinkled with condiments. After observing the history of baking and the cupcake, there’s one thing we can be sure of. That the cupcake with its delicate and subtle flavor is here to stay. The cupcake is a template with its flavor and color depending on the person making it.

Here is a basic cupcake recipe. Line the muffin tins with cup cake papers. Mix one and three quarter cups of all purpose floor with one and a quarter cups of sugar, two and a half teaspoons baking powder and one teaspoon salt. Gradually mix in half a cup of soft butter and two thirds of a cup of milk, one egg and one teaspoon vanilla essence. Pour this into the muffin tray and bake till springy on top.

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