How to Triple Your Money in Hours in the Stock Market

The secret to tripling your investments in the stock market is as simple as one method of finding the best penny stocks which professional traders have used for many years. Consider this method to triple your money in the stock market without having the time or experience to put towards it yourself.

The method I am referring to is known as stock behavioral analysis and comparison. How it works is you take the factors in the market which led to break out trends in penny stocks in the past and then apply them to the current market to find contemporary breakout penny stock performances. It’s difficult to do this manually, so professional traders for years have relied on finance investment software to do this work for them.

These programs work by building databases of past breakout stocks and the factors which led to those appreciations. They constantly amend the databases and continually apply them to the real time market to find overlaps as this tells you exactly what you can expect from a current stock.

This finance investment software is now available on a consumer base level to less experienced traders in the form of stock lists which send out these high probability penny stock picks to every day traders. Only some of these programs exclusively target penny stocks but those that do deliver explosive stock picks.

For example, the very first pick which I received from a penny stock specific finance investment software was first valued at $.20. I bought 1000 shares of that stock and when the market opened the next morning it quickly drove up in price to $.41 a share by the time the market had closed.

The next morning I started checking on it stock regularly and it exploded up to $.51 in the first two hours alone. This can be attributed to the fact that outside traders not receiving picks from the finance investment software quickly took notice of that stock overnight and drove the price up considerably much to my fortune. I found that the stock leveled out at $.63 before beginning to dip down again at which point I went long I went short and realized an overall profit of over 200%.

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