Limitless Options for Activities At Hen Parties

Hen party is once in a lifetime thing. Though if being the maid of honour you do get to enjoy along with the brides to be many time. Yet, when it is your hen do, it is just once! Here are some top hen activities you might like to consider while planning a hen weekend.
Cocktail making
Mixology is an art. There is more to cocktail making than just mixing many liquids together. Learn this art and maybe you can use it to charm your husband! Experienced hands will help you get initiated into this art of booze mixing. Later, you can design and create your own cocktails and name them.
Pampered at Spas
It is time to relax and be at ease before the D day! It is a lovely way to experience heaven on Earth with soothing massages and perfumed oils. It is great way to detoxify your body too. All you have to do is just laze around and get pampered.
Burlesque Dancing
This is a seductive dance. Feel good about yourself with this dance routine and dress up with feathers and corsets. Learn the walk, pose and other nuances of the dance. Might come handy later!
Pole Dancing/Lap Dancing
Time to get real naughty and wicked! While pole dancing gives you an A-class body, lap dancing is another realm of seductive art. It is a great way to tone the body and boost your morale. It is fun and sexy too!

Bollywood Dancing
This is a new trend and involves dressing up in long embroidered long skirts and blouse studded with stones and intricacies. Make up and jewellery glittering under the lights, Bollywood dance routine is all about those hip shakes and wrist flicks.
Hover Crafting
For those lovely ladies opting for dangerous fun activities, hover crafting is one of a kind. Speed boat racing on water and power sliding across the surface is just awesome.
Quad Biking
Though considered a bloke’s sport, girls are proving they too can tame a 4 wheeled wild quad!
Gear up and load your markers (shooting guns) with paint balls, take aim and start shooting for this activity is for the alert and agile.
Another adrenaline pumping action filled water sport. Wind surfing is great for beaches with high tides. It can be a real fun activity if you love the water, the sand, the wind and the surf.
This involves a giant PVC sphere into which you will climb and pushed down a hill! And like Jill comes tumbling after, you too will tumble down and head over heels! This sport originated from New Zealand.
There are many more hen activities but these seem to be in fashion today. Plan what to do in your hen do and freak out like there’s no tomorrow! Celebrate your singleness with adventure sports, naughty night club activities, loads of booze and tons of fun!

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