Looks with Real Cultured Pearl necklaces

Today all pearls on the market are cultured, which means that the oysters are raised in hatcheries and the pearls are nucleated to insure that each oyster is producing a fine pearl.

Many cultured pearls have been bleached and colored, however most are natural. These gem stones come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. There are flat pearls called coin pearls, flake pearls and irregular shaped pearls known as baroque. Cultured pearl necklaces can come in very strange formations and set in unusual settings to make a one-of-a-kind pendant necklace, or brooch. The possibilities are unlimited.

Perfectly round cultured pearls are rare. Clear pristine lakes are the abodes of freshwater mollusks that produce cultured pearls. There are many pearls of assorted hues that make excellent strands of beautiful necklaces.

Pearl necklaces come in different lengths and each length has a name. The choker (16 inches), the princess (18 inches) and the matinee (22 inches) are the three basic lengths. Cultured pearl necklaces of baroque shapes are becoming popular in today’s society.

Turquoise is another stone that looks great with pearls and we have some amazing designs. “Blue Skies” is the name of one of our turquoise and pearls necklace. Large chunks of turquoise, about 16 mm in diameter, are separated by white freshwater pearls and crystals to give it a look of splendor. We also have emerald green turquoise with cream-colored freshwater pearls, which are separated by crystals also. The “Pacific Rainbow” necklace is a very feminine necklace that is made of beach glass of selected colors and is interrupted with freshwater pearls and crystals.

Our South Pacific pearl necklaces are crowning achievements. These high-end necklaces come in multi-colored strands. Each color is a natural Tahitian pearl color like peacock, aubergine, silver, pistachio, etc. Huge Tahitian circle pearls make large dynamic necklaces, for those who like big pearl strands. These necklaces are usually graduated pearls with sizes ranging from 11.5 mm to 14.0 mm or 10.5 mm to 13.0 mm. The “Tahitian Golden Champaign” necklace is an awesome sight. 10 – 12 mm pearls makes this strand a winner. Another incredible necklace is the silvery blue Tahitian baroque pearl necklace with pearls ranging 9-11 mm in size. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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