Mix Tapes Will Have You Bopping Non Stop!

I know that when I am listening to an album, there are certain songs that I have to skip over, as I am just not that ‘into’ them. This is a common situation and could perhaps be considered as a downfall to purchasing complete albums from a particular artist or group. Everyone has their favourite tracks, whether they are from the current Top 40, or the great old songs that you always love to hear.

Creating your own mixtape is a way of having instant access to all of the music that you love to listen to without the need to hit the skip button.

There may be a whole lot of songs in the current Top 40 that you enjoy hearing continuously, and some of these may be from your favourite artists.

In the past you may have purchased each album individually even though you were only familiar with a handful of songs from the album. Not every song on an album is going to be a number one hit, and not every song from your favourite artists will be a song that you would consider adding to your music library.

Rather than purchasing each complete album, you could spend your money wisely and only purchase those songs that have had an impact on you, so much so, that you just can’t stop singing them in your head!

Creating mixtapes online has also opened up another whole world of musical opportunities. How great would it be to share your mixtape with others? You can personalise the title and see what others think of your choices. In theory, you could become a music ‘guru’ amongst your friends, as well as in the eyes of all Internet music and mixtape lovers.

Have you ever wondered what music celebrities are listening to as they go about their daily lives? You will find that many celebrities have also created their own mixtapes and are happily sharing these with you through online sources.

You can view the song titles purely out of interest, or if you also enjoy the same genre of music as your favourite artist or celebrity figure, you could consider purchasing the mixtape, that has been created by them.

You may already know that once you love a song, it will always remain a favourite. The music charts are changing all the time and your taste in music will also change over time. However, once you have created a mixtape of current favourites, it will be a compilation that you come back to time and time again.

You can create new mixtapes as you come across new songs and artists, and these can be added to your best of the best collections that you are creating.

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