Natural Cures for Diabetes, Types, Symptoms and Home Remedies

A person suffers from diabetes when pancreas not functions properly and produces enough hormone ‘insulin’ or even it produces the insulin it is not sufficient to work effectively. Due to insufficient production of insulin by pancreas the glucose in the blood becomes very high and person suffers from diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes

1. Type 1 diabetes: Cells producing insulin in the pancreas are destroyed and cause a severe lack of insulin. It may be caused due to infection with bacteria and specific virus and various other reasons. It is also known as autoimmune reaction. About 10% people suffer from this type of diabetes.

2. Type 2 diabetes: It may be the result of certain medicines. Someone may suffer from this type of diabetes during pregnancy also. Someone may suffer from this type of diabetes due to any illness in which pancreas gets damaged and its function to produce insulin is affected. Though these are the rare causes. Its main cause may be physical inactivity, obesity and also the increasing age. About 90% people suffer from this type of diabetes.

Symptoms and their complications: People suffering from type1 diabetes feels excessively thirsty and urinates frequently. Despite taking proper or excessive diet they undergo a severe weight loss and always they feel tired.

The sufferer of type 2 diabetes also urinates frequently. They often complain of blurred vision and feel mild fatigue also. Their blood glucose does not remain in control. Women often suffer from vaginal yeast infections.

Diabetes can be controlled naturally to a great extent. In some cases a person may get rid of from this problem.

1. Intake of calcium is necessary for the diabetic as diabetic may also suffer from hypertension and calcium is very fruitful for hypertension patient.

2. Use of cinnamon is very good for diabetic person as it blocks out the free radicals and also increases the conversion of glucose into energy. It retards the complication of diabetes.

3. Adequate amount of exercises are also necessary for diabetic patient as it burns the unwanted calories and keep glucose in control. So if you want to remain fit with diabetes than make a habit of doing regular exercise.

4. A diabetic patient must avoid fatty, oily and starchy food. Sugar, empty calories and junk foods should be totally avoided.

5. Increase the intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Juicy fruits should be avoided. You must take apple, papaya pear and all the other fruits of this nature.

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