OEM Vs Aftermarket Car Parts

As far as deciding how to repair your car, there are a lot of options to think about, a lot of decisions to be made, and price is not only the most important one. Just as important as the price would have to be if the automobile is serviced, the quality of the parts used and if any of the warranties apply. To make decisions even harder to take, consumers are known facing another problem – do we buy OEM car parts or aftermarket components for the repair of our car? Fully comprehending the drawbacks and benefits of these aftermarket parts will help every car owner decide what is best for his automobile.

These aftermarket parts are simply put, parts for automobiles/trucks that do not originate from the cars manufacturer. These car components are specifically designed and manufactured by companies that have reverse engineered the manufacturers’ parts, which in many situations translates into the fact that existing weaknesses or defects in the Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM parts) have been ironed out. These aftermarket parts/components, however, are not generally superior to OEM replacements, which means that consumers need to do their homework and deal with reputable repair shops as there is no sure thing regarding this issue plus we recommend car owners not to rush in choosing a component as we all know how expensive a car repair could get.

The aftermarket components are used in approximately eight out of ten independently owned repair shops; by independently we mean shops that do not have any business associations with the car manufacturer. Of course, dealerships use the official car components all the time, with no exception whatsoever. You need to know that by using an aftermarket part, you will still have the warranty for your car with the condition that the parts installed are classified as direct replacement quality. In order to protect your warranty, we advise you to inquire any independent repair shop to verify that the aftermarket parts they use meet that standard; otherwise, your warranty could be voided.

In most cases, aftermarket parts are significantly more affordable in comparison with OEM replacements, although the amount saved is a variable factor dependent upon the brand of the part so there is no common rule about how much money a car owner is saving by using aftermarket components. We recommend that you purchase those aftermarket parts that are too affordable because their quality is doubtful. In some cases, these aftermarket components are of higher quality in comparison with OEM parts so choose wisely.

In addition, aftermarket parts offer more variety in comparison with OEM parts. The reason is simple: the number of companies making aftermarket parts can be numbered in the hundreds, which enables these companies to offer a wide range in terms of price, availability, and selection.

Of course, the large number of companies producing aftermarket parts also means fewer controls on quality. As a consumer, you must be vigilant to ensure that the aftermarket parts you buy are not using inferior materials. In addition, the large selection can be confusing for many consumers. OEM parts are simpler to choose, as there is but one part that can be used.

We now leave it up to you to decide what is best for your car: OEM or aftermarket car parts. This is a very important decision to be made so we advise you to do a little bit of research and choose wisely. Good luck.

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