Stocks and share? Go for safer alternatives, gold bullion bars

In 1798, Benjamin Franklin commented in a letter to John-Baptiste Leroy that ‘nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’. And it seems to still hold true today. However, perhaps given the blessing of hindsight, and the events of the last 200 years to which Mr. Franklin was not party, we can tentatively add a third ‘recession’.

At last count, there have been six major recessions to date -two in the interwar period, three more in 1973, 1979 and 1989, and of course the latest being 2009. With recent events at BP showing that event the most safely perceived stocks and shares can be anything but in times of crisis, investor confidence in companies is falling. However, it does appear, at least for now, that there is a safe haven. Sales of gold bullion bars are on the rise, and with the gold bullion price itself rising steadily, it seems there is finally a place investors can go to feel safer -which is good news of everyone.

Charles Cooper, an analyst at Oriel Securities, says ‘debt on government balance sheets and worries that the world could be heading towards a double-dip recession are driving the gold price higher’. Investors across the world fear Europe’s finances could be heading for trouble once again with debts in Greece, Portugal and Spain -the concern being that when governments resort to printing money, they precipitate inflation. However, such an event is good news for both gold bullion bars manufacturers and gold bullion bars buyers alike, as the precious metal can be used to hedge against rising prices.

So, what are the options when looking for gold bullion bars for sale? Well, investors -as well as general public- are currently in luck, as the number of gold bullion sellers has risen, along with demand. What is more, many trusted outlets can be found online. Of course, with any recession, comes unpredictability, but with an increase in the number of gold bullion bars suppliers to choose from, safeguarding your finances in a time of uncertainty has never been easier.

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