The Most Important Element in a Weight Loss Program

What do you think the most important element of any dieting or weight loss program is? Is it how many calories you cut? The type of exercises you do and how often you do them? Is it eating less sugar and carbohydrates? Maybe increasing protein intake?

The truth is it’s none of these things. Though everything listed above is important to effectively losing weight there is one thing that is absolutely essential… and it’s also the one thing most people overlook. So what is the most important element in a weight loss program? Support.

Whenever you challenge yourself in a big way like choosing to lose weight, going back to school or changing careers you are likely to find yourself feeling unmotivated, tired, discouraged, and overwhelmed at times. These are the moments when you’re most likely to give up on your goals and decide it’s just not worth all the trouble. This is also exactly when you need a weight loss partner that you trust and who believes in you to talk to.

Find a friend, family member or co-worker or even join a support group. Surveys have shown that people who have positive support while on a weight loss program are fare more likely to stick to it and succeed than those who try to tackle losing weight on their own.

Getting support in your journey to a slimmer and healthier body can help you rise above challenges you didn’t think you could overcome and keep you focused and on track when you need it as well as giving you praise and celebration when you succeed.

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