The Top, Middle And Base Note Of Perfume

Perfume is a popular spray that thousands of women use every day. With all of the scents and types of perfume available, there is one for everyone`s sense of smell. Perfume can cost fairly little to a few hundred dollars depending on where you buy it and who makes it. There are many designer companies and celebrities who have their name attached with the product making it more costly. Perfume has been around for many years and continues to change and improve.

First discovered in Egypt over four thousand years ago, perfume has been a great way for woman to carry a scent that smells nice. In Egypt they used flowers to derive the scents from and in India they captured scents through the use of incense. Perfume smells have changed and been perfected over the years. In the eighties what was popular then would probably be frowned upon now. Today, with all of the choices available there is a style for everyone and all ages.

There are six categories of modern perfume. There is the `bright and floral` which contains scents such as a single or bouquet smell. Another one called `Green` features smells such as cut grass and cucumber. Aquatic is a type that holds a synthetic cologne smell, `Citrus` has many different citrus scents, `Fruity` has the smells of many fruits excluding citrus. And Gourmand is a type that has `edible` qualities to it, scents such as chocolate or coconut would fall under this. Experts also use a fragrance wheel that they use to classify perfume. There is the floral, wood, oriental, fougere and the fresh. They contain both the modern and traditional categories of perfume.

Perfume is divided into three notes; top, middle and base. The top note is the initial smell a person has, when the molecules rush to release into the air. The middle is the `heart` of the smell and that happens just as the top begins to fade. The base smell arrives about thirty minutes after being applied. Many people think that perfume fades because the nose gets used to the smell, so it is interesting to see just how perfume transforms itself as it sits on the skin.

You can purchase perfume anywhere face make-up is sold. Department stores are common for having exquisite glass counter tops full of perfume bottles with samples available for you to take. It is also common to receive a gift with purchase when you buy your perfume from them. The gift can be anything from a make-up case to a gift bag with make-up. Drug stores also carry perfume and will display all price ranges. Perfume doesn`t have to cost a fortune to smell good. It is all up to what you find appealing and how savvy a shopper you can be. Stores have sales and promotions and you can take advantage of.

For many women, putting on perfume is a huge part of their morning routine. Some say that they feel strange without it on. Often a pleasant smell will have people drawn a bit closer to you and they might even ask what it is your wearing. However, if a perfume is sprayed on that is a bit too strong, it could have the opposite effect. For best results, buy a popular perfume that you and others love, make sure you just spray on a little and leave the bottle at home. There is no need to spray it on multiple times during the day. The only exception is at night when you want to freshen up your scent. Perfume should last you a few months when used regularly.

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