Types of alternative energy sources

We cannot arrive at a solution for global warming, only if certain countries use renewable alternative energy sources. Although building solar and hydro electric plants are expensive, the cost of using these energy sources will reduce in the long run. On the other hand, the price of fossil fuels like crude oil keeps rising. If all the countries in the world switch to alternative energy sources, the volume of production will increase and this in turn will reduce the huge costs involved in building solar panels and windmills. Being less dependent upon fossil fuels will keep our planet free from pollution and the future generations can utilize the remainder non-renewable energy sources during unavoidable circumstances.

Solar energy, wind energy, biomass, hydropower and geothermal energy are renewable alternative energy sources. All these energy sources are natural and renewable which means they can be used repeatedly. Once money is spent on installation of solar panels, energy from the sun is free, not only once but every time we are in need of sunlight. We need not fear that solar energy will get depleted unlike fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas. Solar power plays an important role in electricity generation, heating and cooking. Application of solar energy is useful not only at homes but also in industries. Industrial consumers deploy solar energy to a large extent due to the numerous benefits it offers.

When it comes to energy resources, nature provides us lot of options to choose from and they are also safe for us. Trees provide us shelter and vegetables. Apart from these, they contain energy that can again be harnessed by mankind. Another useful alternative energy sources is biomass which is a renewable energy derived from plant materials. Due to the process of photosynthesis, plant materials like corn stalks, pine cones and others release sun’s energy when they are burnt. This energy can be used for driving your vehicle or to heat your home. Hydro power can be harnessed for various useful purposes. This is used mainly for generating electricity.

Similar to sunlight, usage of wind is also free which can again be harnessed by mankind to retain a pollution free environment. Wind energy is converted into mechanical energy to generate electricity. This kind of energy is another main alternative energy resource that is useful without being hazardous to the environment. Harmful greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are not emitted by wind turbines. Modern wind turbines are placed in areas where the winds are stronger. Offshore and high altitude sites are ideal for wind farms. Another type of eco friendly energy which can be used for generating electricity is geothermal energy. In some places, around the world, hot steam or water is found under the earth which can be brought to the surface. Countries like China, Italy, United States and Iceland have unstable surfaces where geothermal power sources can be witnessed.

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